Portfolio II, also know as Senior Project, was developed to permit students to refine projects and create new content for their demo reels. The class focus was specifically demo reel related. The students used Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Toon Boom, After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and 3DSMAX. Each student focused on creating content that would help them achieve their goals in the specific area of interest they identified in previous classes such as, Portfolio Foundations and Portfolio I. My primary function was art direction. We critiqued every week. Students to actively participated in the discussions and gave practical criticism that would help their classmates succeed. The last three weeks of Portfolio II students updated their websites with new content, updated their print portfolios and printed business cards and resumes.

Student Demo Reels

Dilonna Bauer – Visual Effects – Winter 2015

Loni Bauer Demo Reel from Dilonna Bauer on Vimeo.

Hanuel Lee – Film and Video – Fall 2014

Lee Haneul Demoreel 02 from haneul lee on Vimeo.

Adam Swanson – Animation – Summer 2012

Kamil Muszynski – Game Art – Spring 2012

Kamil Muszynski Demo Reel from Kamil Muszynski on Vimeo.