I learned wordpress to help my students build their own blogs or sites. Wordpress is a consortium of professionals the world over who believe in access to technology. The term “Open Source” is dedicated to the idea that technology should be available to anyone that wants to use it. Not just the few of us that can afford it. This is global folks. There is also open source software like Open Office a version of Microsoft Office. Public schools across the United States are using it. There is a open source software designed to function like Photoshop called GIMP. There is even open source “music” with no copyright, “public domain” as it were.

What I like about wordpress is the fact that “you” the “author” own all of your content, unlike other free file hosting sites. What you post is your’s and your’s alone. It can be free though my site is hosted on a private server. Wordpress.com gives free users 3GB of data storage space. I also like that it is simple to use and can be updated from any computer.

There are benefits to having your own domain and hosting server. First and foremost the free plug-ins. I like the galleries. Which I am still learning to use.

If you would like to learn Wordpress there are forums of help at Wordpress.org. I have a site I built for my students at myportfolioclass.wordpress.com. The site is intended for free Wordpress users.

If you plan to purchase a domain or host I would recommend using wordpress.org to learn the process. It is easy to to learn and easy to edit. There is no great learning curve as you don’t have to write any code. You must be willing to try and keep an open mind. I would also recommend Youtube.com for help using different aspects of the program.