Painting with Photoshop brushes

First assignment

Learning Objectives: Brushes, brush properties,  Dodge and Burn tools, swatches, history, layers

How Creative minds work

Learning Objectives: Research an artist, scanning, type tool, character palette, layer mask, blending methods, compositing

Photo Restoration

Learning Objectives: Non destructive editing, Clone Stamp tool, Healing brush, Image menu and Layer adjustments, Filter menu>Noise and Blur

Photo Composite: Use original photos to create an image. Minimum of 12 images.

Learning Objectives: Digital Cameras, importing pictures through Adobe Bridge, color correction, channels, masking with “channel chops”

Product Ad: Introduction to Illustrator, using vector images in concert with Photoshop. Final Project

Objectives: Text tools, placing images in Photoshop, Vector versus Raster program, Researching a Graphic Designer. Using text as a mask, compositing, color correction, layer styles