Both Animation and Game Art majors need to develop characters for their portfolio. In this class we used traditional drawing techniques, introduce drawing and painting with a Wacom Tablet. Students write a story for their characters. They create a world or environment for the action to take place.

Programs used: Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, Sketchbook Pro, Illustrator

Objectives: 1 point, 2 point, and 3 point perspective. Composition, scale and proportions. Interior and Exterior Assets: props, weapons, buildings and vehicles.

Initial Character Concepts

Mike Cotopolis Character Concepts 001

Mike Cotopolis Character Concepts 002

Katerina Jockish Initial Character Concepts 001

Katerina Jockish Initial Character Concepts 002

Jeremy Mack Initial Character Concept 001

Jeremy Mack Initial Character Concept 002

Weapon Silhouette Concepts

Vincenza Bartucci Weapons Silhouette

Jeremy Mack Weapons Silhouette

Carlos Domingo Weapons Silhouette

Painted Weapons

Mike Cotopolis Painted Weapons 001

Mike Cotopolis Painted Weapons 002

Katerina Jockish Painted Weapons

Jeremy Mack Painted Weapons



Mike Cotopolis Final

Nyronn Jackson Final

Jeremy Mack Final