In this class we made motion studies or key frames based on acting exercises. I used the Viola Spolin method of teaching acting. We practiced improvisational exercises at the beginning of each class for the first hour. Students had to write a script for their story, video tape their acting/action. The the students created motion studies based on their acting. It was a great deal of fun and many students were able to overcome introverted behavior. It did get loud and we had many visitors inquiring into our objectives. But the interpersonal relationships we built and the trust we had in each other made the learning experience exceptional. Students also did group powerpoint projects on the history of acting, created affected speech for voice over acting, wrote monologues and group scenarios that we workshopped over the course of the class.

Objectives: Character posing, communication, expression, emotion, exaggeration

Margaret Church, Animator, 2015

Deon Williamson, Animator, 2015

Vincenzo Bartucci, Animator, 2015